OXO Swivel Peeler

"More than 25 years ago, Sam Farber noticed his wife Betsey was having trouble comfortably holding her peeler due to arthritis in her hands. This got Sam thinking: why do ordinary kitchen tools hurt your hands? Why can’t there be wonderfully comfortable tools that are easy to use?

Sam saw an opportunity to create more thoughtful and comfortable cooking tools that would benefit all users. That day, Sam promised Betsey that he would create a better peeler for her.

After extensive research, hundreds of models and dozens of design iterations, the first 15 OXO Good Grips kitchen tools, including the now iconic peeler, were introduced to the US market. These ergonomically-designed, transgenerational tools set a new standard for the industry and raised the bar of consumer expectation for comfort and performance. The Swivel Peeler is still one of OXO's top-selling products"
- OXO's Website



Broxodent: The First Electric Toothbrush

"Connecting to a standard wall outlet, the brush ran on live voltage, something that would be considered dangerous by many today.

The original intention for the electronic toothbrush was to be used  by patients with limited motor skills and for orthodontic patients  such as those wearing braces, but in an era where modern advances were improving lifestyles there was a place for the electric toothbrush.

The Broxo Electric Toothbrushwas introduced to and went on sale in the USA by E. R. Squibb and Sons Pharmaceuticals in 1959 who sold the brush under the names Broxo-Dent and Broxodent, it just so happened the timing aligned nicely with the 100th anniversary of the American Dental Association."
- ElectricTeeth.co



ADA Mats for Curb Ramps

"When sidewalks first became wheelchair-friendly, oddly enough, the new slopes created a whole new hazard for the visually impaired, which in turn created the need for ADA mats. The slopes were difficult to detect underfoot and without a level change to indicate the end of a sidewalk, visually impaired pedestrians had little to no warning of impending vehicular hazards. However, a detectable warning system was long overdue and ADA mats have slid easily into place on curb ramps and now benefit the visually impaired, physically disabled, and pedestrians in general.

ADA mats on curb ramps not only offer underfoot detectability and audible warnings but also a slip resistant surface which can be appreciated by anyone, on wheels or feet, during winter’s worst or an unavoidable rainstorm."
ADA Mats Website