Insight is a Google Cardboard Augmented Reality Tool for designers to see how their work affects people with vision impairments. By simulating different types of vision, the app increases designers' awareness of abilities different than their own.
This app was created with Apoorv Gaur, Shounak Kulkarni, Mayank Sharma, and Juliette Weiss at HackHarvard.


1. The designer selects the visual ability they would like to experience and learns key information about that ability.

2. The designer learns more about the ability they chose to simulate. a

3. The designer starts to view their own work as if they had a different visual ability and can adjust accordingly to be more inclusive.


Our success so far

  • Education Category Winner @ HackHarvard
  • 3rd Place Overall @ HackHarvard
  • During our first demo at the hackathon, we diagnosed a sponsor Facebook developer with color blindness. He could not see a difference between the the real world and the simulation.

What's next for Insight?

  • Finish developing the UI and the pages with information about the different abilities
  • Put all filter
  • Create non-cardboard versions for both Android and iOS
  • Introduce the app to designers and receive feedback
  • Launch on both app stores